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How does WorkSimpli Make Work Simple?

The workplace is constantly changing and adapting, which brings up new challenges, more connectivity and less time. WorkSimpli is on a mission to make it simpler by developing new solutions to help users increase efficiency, maximize productivity and have access to all the latest working tools they need in one place.

PDFSimpli is a one-stop, simpler way to upload, convert, edit and add e-signatures to any document, allowing you to work better on the things that matter most. How does PDFSimpli work? It’s simple! With just three steps you can upload any document, convert it to multiple formats for easy editing and even send it for e-signatures all from the same web-based platform, including multiple users and unlimited storage.  PDFSimpli will forever change the way you work by combining all the user-friendly tools you need to manage your documents in just one place. Over 5 million users have been trusting PDFSimpli since it launched in 2018 because it really works.

PDFSimpli is a simpler way to manage and store all your documents!

SignSimpli is the only e-signature product you’ll ever need! With no downloads, this web-based platform helps you send, sign and deliver contracts of hundreds of the most common legal documents from our library, including sales contracts, NDAs, sales agreements, onboarding paperwork, mortgage and escrows, financial agreements, on-demand services, insurance documents, and more. Plus, all documents provide legally binding industry gold standard AATL signatures and the option of multiple signatures and multiple users. Just select who will sign your document, add your file to the SignSimpli platform, insert the signature box and get it done.


SignSimpli is a simpler way to electronically sign all the documents you need!

Resume Build allows you to create a perfect resume with professional, out-of-the-box templates and step-by-step instructions, instantly generated by the most advanced resume builder technology available. Choose from dozens of HR-approved resume templates, customize and preview your resume in real-time with pre-written examples. You can also add an outstanding customized cover letter to help you land your dream job with the perfect resume employers are looking for in just minutes!


Follow our 3-simple steps to create, tailor and download your resume with just a few clicks. First, browse from our catalog of professional-looking templates, following specific industry guidelines to find the one that will get the recruiter’s attention. Then, showcase your talents with thousands of our pre-written resumes and examples to let potential employers know what you bring to the table. And finally, download your professional resume and get hired in no time!

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DocuSimpli identifies, captures, and extracts data and images in a structured format from any document using technology to save time and be more productive. From invoices and purchase orders to forms, resumes, cards or receipts, DocuSimpli allows you to tag and parse the data you want to use. With sophisticated zonal OCR and pattern recognition technology, even tables are easy to parse and extract, allowing you to edit and create new documents without codes or complicated instructions. You can even customize forms and download or connect to multiple formats or cloud applications.

DocuSimpli is the simpler way to extract and parse all your documents!

LegalSimpli saves you time and money by giving you access to our collection of hundreds of legal and common business contracts without the need of hiring an attorney. By answering a few simple questions, you can easily create legal forms for personal or business use. From powers and wills to real estate documentation and various business contracts, select from hundreds of templates or upload your file for editing and conversion. It’s a better way of creating and customizing the documents you need and even request legally binding e-signatures without having to pay legal fees.

LegalSimpli is a simpler way to create legal documents for everything in your life!


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