LegalSimpli Software LLC Announces Corporate Name Change to WorkSimpli Software LLC and Their Platform to Simplify the Workplace

LegalSimpli Software LLC, a majority-owned subsidiary of LifeMD, Inc. (LFMD), announces a corporate name change to WorkSimpli Software LLC ( and the launch of their WorkSimpli software platform. The new WorkSimpli platform is building upon their successful document editing and conversion product, PDFSimpli, to create a series of tools that enables users to perform a variety of business critical, time-consuming tasks from a single paid subscription. Using state-of-the-art technology, WorkSimpli allows its users to increase efficiency and maximize productivity while simplifying their workload.

WorkSimpli’s newest product, SignSimpli, was launched on Monday, August 9, 2020.  Signsimpli provides legally compliant AATL e-signatures for the all 127,000 active subscribers of PDFSimpli for no additional costs.  Now you can create, edit, upload and store all your contracts and documents with e-signatures from a single service.  This new option for small business and professionals will disrupt the current business model of separate subscriptions for each product or costly upgrades.  

“I am extremely pleased to announce the release of SignSimpli and the WorkSimpli platform that will forever change the workplace,” stated Head of Engineering, Varun Pathak.  “As a company, we strongly believe in providing consumers with enhanced solutions to their everyday problems. WorkSimpli has spent the last six months developing products in legal templates, document extraction and job search that will be launching next quarter.  These will prove extremely valuable to our shareholders as the business scales.”

WorkSimpli envisions a single platform that enables small businesses and professionals to succeed. One of its components, PDFSimpli, has grown from approximately 10,000 registered users in June of 2018 to over 13 million today.  PDF Simpli is marketed in more than 100 countries and is presently ranked in the top 4,500 websites globally, serving as the keystone for WorkSimpli’s expanded offering.

“The WorkSimpli product will start scaling exponentially, following our other products’ performance due to the massive consumer shift toward subscription-based online services,” stated Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO & President of LegalSimpli Software LLC. “After developing our first successful product, PDFSimpli, we saw the potential of using technology to create the workplace of tomorrow so our users can focus on the business of today . With the launch of WorkSimpli, we will continue to contribute to the phenomenal growth of LifeMD.”

“Since we first invested in LegalSimpli in 2018, its growth has been explosive, driven by its exceptionally talented management team and the massive consumer shift toward subscription-based online services,” noted Justin Schreiber, LifeMD’s CEO, Justin Schreiber.